Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Work, "Poppy" special cat portrait

"Viv's cat Poppy, Lost in the Jewel Garden".... one of a set of 2 Pet Portraits
©Copyright Diane Marsland2013
Just completed the "sister" cat portrait to the one I painted before my holiday.  Entitled "Viv's cat "Poppy" lost in the Jewel Garden". 
My friend Vivien has these two lovely cats and both of them have completely different personalities. So I tried to show the slightly sinister side (tongue in cheek) with "Lily"... see on previous post by including my trademark bugs and here with "Poppy" who is so girlie I thought jewels (another favourite motif of mine) would be appropriate. .......... I know its all a bit cheesy but hopefully Vivien likes.

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