Friday, 2 August 2013

Design Inspiration, Bar Interior in Sciathos

Love the records on the wall and the pop of bright red.
Continuing my little series of images that I collected whilst on my holiday. Lots of inspiration for future pattern design/art or interiors. Not only is this a collection of flowers and beach scenes but local buildings and today I thought that I would share these pictures of the interior of a bar in the town of Sciathos. It could have quite easily have been someones home. I loved the way that it combined quirky, arty (somewhat studenty kitsch) with homely comfy objects. Very easy to replicate while at the same time adding your own touches.

The tree and plant add to the rustic vibe

Quirky art lift the otherwise bland interior

Miro and Salvador Dali prints adorn the texture of the wall.

How easy would this be achieved with imagination 


  1. Nice look of interior design it is really cool

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  2. Thanks... it is so simple but really caught my eye.


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