Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Cornflowers and Feathers".... From my forage on my walk today!

My favourite shade of blue of the Cornflower sitting on the feather
Today I am researching ( I should be) for my mural and two door panels I am doing...... probably done too  much research actually because I now have too many ideas and influences and themes to decide from......... First thing this morning I knew I needed to get out for my walk so decided not to take the camera because hay!...I do this walk everyday and what more can I see thats different.... well actually lots... (still have not managed to bag a pic of the hundreds of pheasants around though, as they are nowhere to be found when I have my camera with me) Although I did find a couple of feathers (not sure if they are pheasants or not) and the lovely cornflower and some textured leaves... see my Flickr for all the I picked these and took the photos at I MUST get on to the sketches for my latest project...... will post soon.

What a natural pairing for a bouquet perhaps?

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