Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Chipchase Chicken finds Treasure"... New Art just completed

"Chipchase Chicken finds Treasure"
Just completed my new gouache watercolour this morning which I have really enjoyed working on.......If you follow my blog you will have noticed a recent post taken from my walk entitled Happy Hens where I took pics of the chickens which were wandering around some farm buildings which are in the Chipchase Castle Estate... which is a stunning medieval castle near to where I live...... see the pic of the castle I took last year. This is my first Chipchase Chicken ... inspired from the walks I do most days in the beautiful Northumberland countryside. I was amazed at the colours and patterns that I could see in the feathers and decided to incorporate these with the dandelions and bindweed that the birds foraged around .... and their almost regal air prompted me to incorporate an imagined rediscovered treasure from the castle...... I have loved painting this ... I hope you enjoy the image too. The painting can be purchased from my shop...... © Dimarsart All my images are covered by copyright. Contact me for further information

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