Friday, 20 April 2012

"Dandelion and Bee" painting..... and the inspiration from my walk

Just completed my new painting entitled "Dandelion and Bee"...... which was inspired from my walk last week. I had decided that I wanted to paint the flower but needed some photos for reference..... If you follow my posts you will see that I managed to take lots of other pics along the way ... the ladybird, bark textures and chickens...... more ideas for new work in progress. I also wanted to include the bee as another decorative element as I intended the picture to be a little stylised and forming a pattern. This weekend I shall get the painting framed and it shall soon be for sale in my shop.
New "Dandelion and Bee" ©Dimarsart2012

How similar to Chrysanthemum when you look close

Sitting in situ by the roadside

I love the shape of the leaves

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