Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sulamith Wulfing... Artist and Illustrator

Pete Sinfield's, Still Album 1973
Today I thought that I would share the lovely work of  Sulamith Wulfing 1901-1989. She was an Artist and Illustrator who painted ethereal and melancholy images of mystical and angelic creatures, depicting and often illustrating fairy stories. During my childhood and even early teens I was completely fascinated by the spiritual quality and the beautiful detail in the artwork....... I loved not only the subject matter at the time but her painting technique and the decorative element......and her references to Celtic ornamentation. During the 80s she had also provided the inspiration for Stevie Nicks "Wild heart" album and her art provided the cover for the former lyricist, Pete Sinfield's "Still" album...... I had framed some of her paintings which I still have at home, and after recently studying them decided to share her work....... Take a look at the video which has a portfolio of her work.

"My drawings are a visual representation of my deepest feelings - pleasure, fear, sorrow, happiness, humor. And, to people attuned to my compositions, they may well be mirrors of their own experiences.
It is because of this that I have left the explanation of the drawings completely to the viewer, so that they are not bound by my interpretation of what each picture should be.

For me it is not a matter of creating illustrations to fit nursery rhyme themes. My ideas come to me from many sources, and in such harmony with my personal experiences that I can turn them into these fairy compositions.

My Angels are my consolers, leaders, companions, guards. And dwarfs often show me the small ironies and other things to make me smile even in life's most awesome events." Sulamith Wülfing

Books...... You can still get the lovely book The Fantastic Art of Sulamith Wulfing by David Larkin on Amazon.....

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