Thursday, 1 March 2012

Paul Poiret...... another Fashion icon

Paul Poiret (20 April 1879, Paris, France – 30 April 1944, Paris) was a French fashion designer. His contributions to twentieth-century fashion have been likened to Picasso's contributions to twentieth-century art.

Another one of my vintage Fashion icons...... after my recent homage to Fortuny......  I cannot describe how much I adore the work of these designers....the you tube video is in French but I thought that it gave amazing close up images of his work .... plus check out the Essay  from the Metropolitan Museum of Art which gives more details of his life. 

Coat 1911 Textile Design by Raoul Dufy
Fancy Dress 1911
Coat 1919
 Video from Maverick Reporters  

Book on Amazon.... on my wish list.. it has amazing photos I am told

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