Monday, 12 March 2012

"Josephine"... Sneaky peek

Hello everyone!..... I know that it is ages since I have put any new "work in progress' on my Sneaky Peek" page but most of my recent projects have been commissions and due to privacy I do not feel that    I should share the work.... however I have enjoyed the postings of my favourite designers like Poiret and Fortuny........I hope that you did.
Initial inspiration, My "Ashes of Roses" Painting, Historical, Modern and Redoute, of course
Today I thought that I would give a little peek at the start of my "Josephine" design. so named after Empress Josephine, of France who was Napoleons first wife.  She was a lover of Roses and commissioned the famous French Botanical Artist to paint a series of works....... You may know that I also adore the work of Redoute and I use references to his work many times. The first photo is of my initial inspiration board which is a combination of my own artwork "Ashes of Roses" painting with a Redoute book and other images and historical references from French Decorative arts combined with modern Floral interpretations of the French style. 
 I have already decided upon the layout, technique and end use, which is a border with bouquet encased in rococo work. Slightly looser paint style than the detailed botanical style of Redoute.  The idea can be interpreted for bed linens and also as a concept for hand painted walls..... makes it more portable to show potential clients.
I then sketch the idea on to tracing paper. I have to admit that at this stage I work up the sketch quite roughly. If I was instructing young trainees I would instruct them to get the tracing work almost perfect before they transfer on to the paper but I know that I am able to take a short cut and do most of my sketching directly with the paintbrush....... The layout has to be in place though, otherwise the design becomes a "Ramble" Then I sort out the colours and start by applying the basic flats for the floral and rococo work.  Next stage is to work up a few areas in the detail. I wanted the technique to be slightly looser than the Ashes of Roses painting that I did last year.... I also wanted the colours to be more fresh and bright. ........ If any one has any questions or comments I would love to hear from you...... I will post the final work but this week I have to return to some other projects ...... so it may be a few weeks yet.
Rough sketch on tracing paper

basic flats in for flowers

initial flat colour in for rococo

Detail of the main flower and leaves


  1. Hi Diane! Its very refreshing to see a design being beautifully hand painted!! Look forward to seeing the finished designs as they unravel!

    1. Thanks Sarah....... I have had to stop to do something else but will try to complete soon.....


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