Friday, 30 December 2011

"Sketchaday"..... end of year play with Chinese brushwork.

While my Masterclass manual and my workshops are very much work in progress, I thought that I would post today's little play with my Chinese paintbrush...... which incidentally I have had for years but have never used.... possibly because I have always used a bouncy sable to do watercolour work. What really inspired me today, has been an Artist and Illustrator whose blog I follow. Adrian Mills. He has recently set up another blog called "A Drawing of Life a day project" where he intends to do an illustration inspired from his experiences that day......... it made me realise that not only is this a great idea but that you do not always have to plan your art (like I usually do... as a designer I am almost programmed to do this) ) but you can just paint or draw without thinking too much about it...... So after a day of various activities (mostly which I did not want to do ... like dismantling the Xmas tree... putting the baubles in the attic.... domestics, trying to sort out my paperwork for my tax return, etc etc) I decided to settle on the kitchen table... (with a glass of wine and unfortunately full view of the xmas cake)... and sketch a few chinese inspired themes using black, orange and blue......... I hope now to follow in Adrians theme and do a "Sketchaday", post every day and maybe a little story will emerge.... Actually quite excited as to what will come out of this.....

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