Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Masterclass 3 (Workshop) "A Rose is a Rose, is a Pattern"...... How can a Rose be a Cushion?

Before I sign off for Christmas, I thought that I would give a "Sneaky Peek" at what I am currently working on related to the last two blog posts... Masterclass 1 and Masterclass 2.

Over the next few days I am planning and putting together all the information and visuals for a workshop in the new year at the Whistle Art Stop in Northumberland. This workshop shall be the first of a series intended to sit alongside the manual that I want to create. I have entitled this first workshop "A Rose is a Rose .. is a Pattern" ©dimarsart 2012.

Here is a brief overview of the content.

"A Rose is a Rose is a Pattern"..... How can a Rose be a Cushion?
A short surface design project illustrating in 10 stages how the rose in you garden can be used as inspiration for a pattern for textiles. I shall instruct on how to create using hand painting techniques and basic materials. The 10 stages shall include translation, various styles that can be applied, actual paint techniques, sketching, different formats and repeats, colour mixing and application, presentation and product application. Each stage shall have projects for the students to work on before moving to the next stage.

I shall sign off now.... I hope that everyone has a fabulous Christmas break....... more details on the workshop soon.

All the images, information and the workshop concept have been created by Diane Marsland and is the Intellectual property of Diane Marsland Art and Design... any infringement of copyright shall be vigorously pursued. If you are interested in any content on my website or blog... please do not hesitate to contact me.... I appreciate your co-operation.


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  1. looking forward to hearing more... How ever,, goal this year is to complete, not start... everything is so tempting on the net... Enjoy the Holiday Season.. and Merry Christmas..


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