Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Masterclass 2, Reviewing the comments and feedback

Hello everybody,
I have to apologise for the late update as my intention is to post at least 2/3 updates a week.
There are so many points that I want to discuss and I had been waiting for a full day this week to try and put these points together. (Related to post one Unfortunately this week I do not have a full day so I decided to do a very quick note. (quick for me as I have been criticised for lengthy discussions, in the past)
What I would like to say though, is that I have been pleasantly suprised with the interest and the positive feedback that I have received concerning my new design manual, which now appears to be more like "work in progress" rather than a "grain of an idea"...... I hope that you will follow my path along the way and I also welcome any advice and constructive comments.

Overview of the comments this week.
"I would love to see the manual"
"I think that it could be really useful and relevant"
" An aesthetically up to date book with traditional techniques could be very successful"
"Many artists out there would like to venture into surface design but do not have the skills"
"Would help new designers add to their existing skills"
"It is rare that traditional skills of hand painting a design is taught in colleges........... top design houses still rely on hand painted designs along side the use of computer design"
"... standards for florals seem to go down and down over the years... such a shame"
" I think that you would be filling a much needed gap in the market and one that would be of great interest to all designers young and old"
"I think that there will be demand for techniques by hand and you should definitely do the book............................ younger designers steeped in pressures to conform to digital appreciation for the handmade is going to continue and grow"
"hand painting is a great skill to have ......I imagine your courses will be popular with the young designers of today"
"I would be thrilled at the opportunity to get more insight into the experience and know how ..............a diverse skill set will be an incredible asset to any designer"
" A great idea, I am very interested "
"A very exciting idea.... and I don't think that it has been done before"

Finally to answer the one slightly negative comment.......

"So you want to teach us how to be creative?".......... (which I actually thought was hilarious)
I dont want to teach (if it was possible) anybody to be creative.......

"But to be able to master the materials and techniques just opens up a lot more creative possibilities.............there is nothing more frustrating than having the passion, the ideas and the creative drive but not the skills to express them" Dimarsart2011©

I shall sign off now..... as I need to prepare for the busy days ahead. ........ next blog post shall include what the Manual intends to be and what it does not.


A piece from this article I found particularly relevant...

"There is also a definite professional advantage to learning a craft, said Isabelle Guédon, a professor and coordinator of textile design at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

“Such studies support a philosophy of economic and ecological consciousness, but also hold the promise of a job, a tangible skill with an eternal value,” she said.

Some of Ms. Guédon’s former students went on to exhibit at the Louvre, while others are at the traditional embroidery studio Maison Lesage in Paris, which works with couture houses and other institutions.

“There is a new sense of open-mindedness and fluidity from both fields,” she said. “Galleries are welcoming craftsmen and textile designers, but artisans are also open to young graduates with an artistic vision.”

Ms. Guédon is also a leather artisan who designs pieces for the home that are inspired from the boot-making tradition; while these are commercial objects, they have frequently been shown in galleries.


“Working with one’s hands is a slow, painstaking process that requires a patience unseen in today’s society — but is more vital now than ever before.”

All the information on my blog, written posts and images are subject to copyright.
Dimarsart 2011© all rights reserved.

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