Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dimarsart Summer Workshops

I am currently setting up some workshops for the BTSDA here in the North East of England.......if anyone is interested, have a look at the theme and info and contact BTSDA direct.

Summer Workshop.......”Design a pattern for Textiles”

3 Day workshop which shall incorporate a Presentation with an introduction to traditional surface pattern disciplines, design studios and the practical methods of creating from initial concept to finished artwork. At the end of the workshop the student shall take away their completed artwork with their inspiration, suggested co-ordinates, colour chips all mounted on board and ready for customer presentation.


Presentation. . A little bit about me ...37 years in the industry starting from fashion
design to surface designer/producer/buyer then interior designer in retail.
The Studios - past and present - Types of studios( Independent-Brand-Manufacturing)The Hierarchy ( manager,creative,colourist,repeatist etc)
Day to Day (commission-speculation-market/trend research-presentation-
Materials and Methods. Understanding the product that the design is intended for. Understanding how the design will be printed, technical restrictions. Creating the artwork. References (historical, market trends} Knowledge of painting styles and techniques. Basic materials required to produce the artwork.
Practical.... “Design a pattern for Textiles”
The Brief... to create a design using traditional methods for a collection of home furnishings for a large retail group like BHS. The buyer has just purchased a small archive floral but would like the idea re worked so that it is similar in style to Cath Kidson . It shall also need to integrate with 3 of her plain dye colours. The production of the design has to fall within her budget therefore colours have to be no more than 4 and on a 64cm repeat for rotary printing.

During the practical side of the workshop we shall be Interpreting the brief, sketching ideas, planning the layout and repeat, tracing, colour mixing and application of colour/technique, two extra colourways.( discussing printing pitch order with reference to the colourway restrictions). Final customer presentation.

Note Materials needed ... I shall provide the archive floral which is from my small collection of 1920s dress florals. I shall also bring a few designs which I created from this floral to illustrate how a designer can be inspired by other work and how it is possible to “exhaust” a concept and get as many ideas as possible from one source.
I will also provide the paper, tracing paper, ruler (bring your own if you have one) 3 palette knives (bring one if you have) mount board, spray mount,cutting mat,scalpel,

Please can you bring your own paintbrushes. (recommended Sable size 4-6)
Gouache, minimum black,white,red,blue,yellow. ( I know how expensive the paint is but bring a wider selection if you can) and water pots.
Final note...If you have a burning desire to create your own idea and wow Mrs BHS within the technical and marketing restrictions then bring along your own references and inspiration and I would be happy to assist you. However the workshop is also to see how the student can work to a customer brief.... have fun!


  1. Thanks Lauren... I hope everyone will find it interesting and also rewarding!


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