Friday, 27 May 2011

"One Day"... Autumn colours... 2011

It seems such a long time ago since I have posted anything on my blog... I really think that I have neglected it lately. ............. I have been so busy doing other things like attending workshops and trying to organise my own workshops that the last two weeks have just flown....... my creative work has suffered a little.

However I have been planning lots of ideas for the Autumn.... I have a few themes in mind and I have just put together the colours which I shall be working with for my brand.
The colour inspiration is a combination of various influences. Firstly a continuation of the brighter colours I used for the Spring collection but combining with pantone references and paint colour charts. But I have mainly included the colours which I love and I know will work with the themes which I have in mind......... I hope to post some mood/theme boards soon.

Meanwhile I will be working on presentation boards for my workshops and other work for some projects which are a bit under wraps at the moment.......... Oh and I also hope that in the next few months I can streamline my websites as the blog, website and shop are all a little bit incoherent and scrambled at the moment................

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