Thursday, 5 May 2011

A studio I worked at in the 80s, re discovered designs for Sale at Libertys in London

I had to post this on my blog..........many years ago in the early 80s I was really lucky to work at this studio in Paris and now some of the original designs have been found in the South of France and are are being sold in Libertys, London. Some of the designs are so familiar to me but I cannot say if any are mine as a lot of the florals, impressionistic styles were everywhere at the time and we all did versions. I have been very excited since because I have chatted to a few people in connection with the designs...... but I shall have to dust down the old memory box and also get down to London to see the collection.. However you can see these on line on the Lizzie Derriey page of Liberty. Future new trends and inspiration for all you textile designers out there?......

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