Monday, 15 September 2014

Hello ..Still open for business!

I must take stock today!.....I have spent nearly 4 months building my new studio, decorating and renovating nearly every room in my house and some furniture, planning 3 new Murals and hoping to complete another one I started in June......Oh and I also have a part time job.
I have completely neglected my websites ( my existing one which seems to no longer exist and a new one which needs so much work on it I have not managed to get it live.... and I am paying for the hosting..... Hello!.. I still exist and I am open for business but it looks like the launch of the website with my new products could be much later than planned. If only I could split myself into many parts.
I also apologise for the delay in starting two paintings for my friend, Vivien. Thanks for being so patient.
So today I must hang fire on the completing my kitchen (painting the tiles and cupboards) and sort out my paperwork... make a few phone calls and put a plan of action together!

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