Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sneaky peek, Work in progress.. Day 1 of New Mural

I know my blog posts are rather infrequent at the moment but I have been busy and pre occupied lately. We get our new studio delivered this week and it comes in a kit form so Brad and I have to assemble it ourselves (scary thought) and I shall be painting it and staining the wood floors as I think the next few weeks will be a combination of "building, decorating, sorting out furniture and also trying to get my home straight as I currently work from my back bedroom and I cannot wait to get this room clean and organised. Meanwhile I have just started a new Mural which is the "sister" to            "Wisteria Wonderland"..... I may have to continue and finish the project later this month but I wanted to get the overall sketch and layout started.  
Then when my studio is up and running I shall continue with the new collection of designs I am doing for cushions......... hopefully by then I can be a more regular blogger and share more of my images and work.

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  1. very nice! :-)


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