Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sneaky Peek, Scrapbook 2 Inspiration

Scrapbook 2 ©Copyright Diane Marsland2013
Scrapbook 2 Inspiration board is a combination of my interpretation of my favourite flower, the Passion Flower but combining the botanical with geometric forms. As you can see I am influenced by fashion and small geometric prints, tweed textures and embellishments. The other images in my photo are the sunflower detail which I only photographed yesterday (see my Flickr page) and my shots of passion flowers sitting alongside the paintings I completed a few years ago..... this time around I would like to paint the passion flowers in a looser style using brighter wash colours to give a more tropical feel..... All this inspiration shall begin with paintings but lead out towards patterns. ......  ( see Scrapbook 1 )

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