Sunday, 30 December 2012

Where have I been?.. and what is happening in 2013 ? part one

Recent ad for the Mural side of my business.
Hello All, I have been away from any blog post for so long. It has actually been almost 3 months since I have posted anything new and I wanted to do a little update before we go into the new year.
2012 has been quite an unusual and at times, a stressful year.  However I do believe that 2012 and all that has happened and all that I have been working on has certainly provided the foundations for 2013.

Lots to talk about and perhaps too much to put into one blog post..... so it may be better to do short little updates to avoid boring everyone.

First is the development of the Mural side, which after completing the huge "Wisteria Wonderland" I decided to promote this side of my business as you will see from my recent ad which will be in the Gold Directory. I have started building up a portfolio of ideas in miniature form to illustrate all the different ideas that I have for Murals which are quite different in style and content........ I shall post a selection of these soon.
A recent  interior commission for the new year is quite exciting........ something to post as and when I complete the project............I hope you are interested and if so watch this space....

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