Sunday, 26 February 2012

My everlasting passion for the work of Mariano Fortuny

Mariano Fortuny
While I have been designing over the last few weeks.... I have re visited my wonderful library of books that I have collected throughout my career. This has re ignited my passion for some of the most amazing artists and designers which I have decided to share over the next few weeks on my blog.
About his life and work on Amazon

I had fogotten how stunning and beautiful the works of Mariano Fortuny are.  Guillermo de Osma, in his biography describes the man...... "Virtuoso artist best remembered for his stunning dress designs and innovative textile creations. His contemporaries called him the "Magician of Venice" and his influence extended to d'Annunzio, Poiret, Diaghilev and Proust amongst others."
Inside Detail of the Delphos dress

But he was so much more and like William Morris was a creative genius and talented in so many other artistic disciplines. You must see the video which shows his beautiful gowns...... and the book illustrates all of his other works.

Detail of the pleats
From the Tina Chow collection
Tina Chow, the late beautiful style icon, had a legendary collection of Vintage clothing and for me the most enviable wardrobe of Fortuny gowns........which I believe have now been auctioned. unfortunately I was not one of the buyers but when I make my million I shall start my own collection.
Recently found a website with Fortuny originals, where do I begin?
Tina Chows favourite Fortuny gown

Tina photographed by Antonio Lopez, from her Facebook page
Imagine my suprise when I found out that a new Collection of Interior led products had been launched under the Fortuny banner.... see the website
New Collection,  Malcolm Kutner pillows Fortuny website
I cannot describe how much I adore this look........ he truly was the "Magician of Venice"...... and everywhere else in my opinion.............
New Collection, Malcolm Kutner pillows

New Collection, Carnavlet

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  1. Hi Diane, thank you so much for your kind words! We are glad you like our new collection.


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