Friday, 3 February 2012

The Arthur Portfolio


After my meeting last week with the lovely Dr Philip Sykas of MMU.
I have been deciding if I shall keep this wonderful collection of Archive designs. The Collection, circa 1830s-1880s are Gouache designs for printed Delaine, (muslin wool/cotton mixture..... considered to be a higher quality fabric to the cotton calicos of the day) for apparel.
The connection I have to the mill where they came from, Collyhurst, Manchester (my birthplace) and the engraver who retrieved them makes me quite reluctant to see them go. (Arthur ... my old engraver friend in the photo... who sadly is no longer with us)
There is a strong possibility that I shall work up a collection based on the patterns but adapted to Interiors. One or two of the patterns I see as beautiful bed linen concepts and others would work up wonderfully as a complete room scheme for wallpaper and soft furnishings.
I have already named the collection "The Arthur Portfolio"... so it looks like they are already work in progress.......... I also thought that some studios would just use the designs to scan and manipulate, and therefore not necessary create any thing new, just a montage of existing images.......As everything I do is by hand and re drawn, I shall just use the images as inspiration and create totally new designs......... if anyone is interested in viewing the collection...... please do not hesitate to contact me or fill in the contact form on my website

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