Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What else have I been doing? New heading for DMCOLLECTION

Hello everyone... I am a little overdue with my Sketchaday... not had a chance to post the new pics as I am currently sorting out mood boards and artwork ideas for my DMCOLLECTION.... just changed the banner on my shop... I have kept the font the same as my website... I love the clean and simple style...... I shall be keeping my "One Day" brand ( One Day is intended as more of an occasion brand) however for the time being, I am building up the images for this collection........ watch this space!


  1. Been enjoying the sketchaday. Looking forward to seeing your mood boards for the new collection!

  2. Thanks Kelly... bit overdue on Sketchaday.... however will post soon.......
    I have two themes that I want to work on for the mood boards... one is a secret but will post the other one.


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