Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hearts and Roses on Etsy.......

I cannot believe that it is a week since my last post ...... however since the fair last week I have had a few jobs to catch up on and a trip down to Manchester to see family which included a slow drive down on the M6 and a terrible drive back on the A1 as there was horrendous winds which

resulted in desert type storms where the motorway became impossible to see....... scary stuff.

I am also putting together new additions to my Roses and Coastal collections for my up and coming on-line shop..... as some of the ideas sold at the fair. I still have at least a weeks work to do.
In the meantime I thought that I would set up an Etsy shop......... here are a few for sale which I have named "Hearts and Roses".......... so if you are interested in buying just click on to the link at the side of this post............

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