Thursday, 18 November 2010

Intellectual Property..........

Hello everyone........... I have lots of new things to post on my blog and I also need to update my website but before I do I just wanted to remind everyone that even though I love "blogging", "tweeting" and showing my artwork and photo images here and on my Facebook, I do not accept anyone stealing any of my images without my written consent, which usually I would expect payment for.
I have not spent 30yrs + learning and refining my skills for someone to steal from me.
My Art & Design is the only way for me to make a living and create income...... we all have bills to pay.
Therefore I would appreciate it if anyone who enjoys my blog respect my wishes.
I think that there is so much talent and creativity out there in Cyberland that we can just appreciate each others talents.
Incidentally...... all of my work has been collated and stored legally and I have proof of ownership if any copyright issues arise........ Thanks for taking time out to read this.......


  1. You are absolutely right Diane. Only yesterday one of the people I follow on Twitter peeped that she discovered someone was selling cards using one of her designs without her consent.

    She tackled them immediately and they took the offending card off their website and agreed to pay a license fee to use the design!


  2. Thanks Carole..... there has been no proof yet that someone is actually copying but I have had activity on my blog which has alerted me..... As I mentioned before it is a minefield but we just have to be aware! without being too paranoid.


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