Friday, 6 September 2013

Weekend Fascination Board, Inspiration, Obsessions and Themes for future work

This weekends Inspiration, Obsessions for Future work
This morning I received my latest package from Amazon Books..... and while I was intending to complete my "Miss LuLi" painting number 2, I just got so engrossed and inspired by my books, that I had to add to my ever growing inspiration boards....... related to the others that I have posted earlier here on the blog.... and on my Facebook page if you would like to follow. (Actually I am now prefering to post on Facebook as I can get instant feedback from friends and followers.) Feel free to click on the link and join.
I bought the books to give me inspiration and more technical expertise for my sewing which I have recently started again after a 20yr break. ...... My roots and initial training was for fashion where I did consider going into Theatrical costume, but instead I went into surface pattern for homewares and "the rest is history" as they say........... However I have the desire to sew again for pleasure and because I love to wear beautiful fabrics and there are not many beautiful fabrics on the high street, I am now making my own clothes  and need more instruction as I am rusty to say the least...............
To stop waffling one of the book is about Fabric manipulation, and combined with my other sources of inspiration and themes I thought I would put together a new board which would provide me with references not only for my surface pattern but some ideas for my fashion..... if any of you are interested I shall post my latest stitching project and a few "experiments" that I want to try on a coat I am making.
Have a great weekend all!......

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