Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Whats in the Pipeline?.. Exciting changes to follow

Most recent painting of my friends cat "Lily"... to follow her other cat "Poppy"
Transitional work while my new designs and website are in progress.
© copyrightDiane Marsland 2013

After my last blog post which very briefly explained why I had been absent from this blog and other social networks..... I thought that I would give a quick update to the work in progress that I am really excited about.
First of all I shall be launching a totally new website and brand imagery in the coming months.  I will be creating new designs to add to my already existing collection (for trade) which can be viewed by appointment. However,  in the meantime I am completing a mini series of small artworks which are a combination of commission pieces and new paintings to sell on my Etsy store. (I have closed my other on-line store to make way for the new website and other products which will follow later)  "Lily" (illustrated) is one of these small paintings.
I shall also be posting on the blog some inspiration boards which will be a combination of concepts that I have been thinking about for a while and new ideas from my recent travels and photos. 

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