Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Colours for today, Flame red, sky blue and touches of aged lime and orange

All of the colours of the day

 After yesterdays walk in the gorgeous sunshine I thought that I would share a few of the photos that I took.  The key colours  were reds, oranges, lime, aged greens with grey and the bright blue of the sky....... stunning colour palette to use for new designs or paintings I thought. to see more pics, check out my flickr ....... also why not check out the paint colours if you feel inspired to re create the look on you wall......
Designers Guild Sky Blue

Designers Guild Cypress 

Farrow and Ball Ciara yellow

Farrow and Ball Charlotte's Locks

Farrow and ball Folly Green

Designers Guild Poppy

Farrow and Ball Blazer

Burnt coral red, gold... my favourite seasonal colours

Sky blue, silvery green and hot red

Red, gray and cloud blue

Stunning red against the washed out grass and clear blue

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