Tuesday, 17 January 2012

English Year of the Crown..... How can I blog and keep Secrets as well!

Hello everyone... I have had a really interesting two days..... several unrelated meetings and conversations... but all of them with exciting possibilities... now here is the dilemma..... it's early days at the moment and I cannot discuss anything on social networks or this blog.... I love blogging and I like to write a new post at least once a week... usually "work in progress' "Sneaky Peeks".... photos of my days in town and country, "Sketchaday" ( which incidentally started out as a good idea but Iv'e not even been able to update with that, this week) ...
So I would like to ask all other designers and artists out there ..... how do they update their posts but keep the actual important stuff under wraps while it is in the early stages...... Please tell me.
PS...... I alway like to have a picture to go with the post.... this one is not quite related to todays
story.... It is related a little to this years Queens Diamond Jubilee... but it is actually a detail of a recent commission I did for a lady who has a Jewelry company... so I didn't want to post the whole painting........ bye for now

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