Thursday, 3 November 2011

Early Morning on the First day of the Living North Fair

Here are a few early pics I took this morning at the Living North Fair.............. A little later today there were a few items missing I am pleased to say........ One thing which amazed me was that most people thought that most of my work had been bought elsewhere or digitally printed..... the thought did not occur to me to state that it is all 'Original, unique and all handpainted apart from the cushions which are all hand screen printed"
I took it for granted and subsequently been urged by everyone that I need to shout this out...... tomorrow I shall put up a card up stating this...... More self promoting which is a little alien to me but seems like the way forward.

By the end of the very positive day I had great feedback on the bespoke side (totally not expected as I thought that generally it was a Christmas fair) and I had also sold a few canvas pics, a framed pic,cushions, table linen sets..... Looking forward to the next few days... even though my feet are crying out for flat shoes...........

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