Saturday, 24 September 2011

Weekend work in progress!..... busy bee for xmas!

Ive been on a bit of a mission recently. I shall be doing a couple of xmas fairs in November and along with my paintings and general artwork I want a few take away products. You may have already seen some of the cushions that I already have in the shop. Well I still have some table top linens to produce and this weekend I have been working on some ideas for hand made art cards.
Yesterday I cut the paper(Arches hot pressed) and stenciled some flat/stippled colours to take the silk screen print which will be printed on top. Today I designed two patterns with pen on paper and then pencilled on to the screen. I shall print the two patterns together but cut them as separate designs on the greetings cards. Then I applied the drawing fluid.......... currently waiting for that to dry before I cover with the screen filler.
Here you also see the other screen I shall use for fabric and possibly some Art prints which I may frame........... will do another posting for the next stage tomorrow.

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