Saturday, 10 September 2011

"I told you I was Multi tasking"... cottage industry in progress

Its Saturday and I am desperate to get out!.... but I knew that I had to get some jobs done to make way for the next stage of my little product prototypes that I am currently working on.
I thought that I would show you some of the stages of development so far.
As part of my new theme for the Autumn which is mainly hand painted canvas paintings and wallhangings I want to include some integrating homewares, cushions, tabletop ect.

All very exciting....... most of my life I have worked in huge textile mills where all the printing is Rotary or huge automatic flat bed screens for panel quilt covers ect.
Ive not done my own silk screen printing since school days so its a little bit experimental at the moment.
However I want similar colours and subject matter to my artwork but I want the technique and treatment to be more textured and simple.
I am embracing the inky styles of batik and shibori which I have also been working on for my "Snowball" design . then I have also been working on applique and stitching........ Next my sewing machine needs a long awaited airing..... (how scary... I havnt sewn for 25yrs....... its probably very rusty... like me perhaps?)....... Watch this space for further developments..... I am really enjoying the whole styling process...... even though I do not have the resources of a 48acre factory and 2000 workers behind me..........
PS... what do you think of the dyeing pic with the reflection of my garden in the water?........


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