Friday, 26 August 2011

"Passionstar".. new Artwork to be auctioned for the Lifespan Charity at the Biscuit Factory, Newcastle

Just completed my Wallhanging which was commissioned by Lifespan "A local charity which provides a range of services to bring ease and support to people with serious and life-threatening illness and to the family members and friends who care for them"
"Passionstar" ... will be just one of of the artworks from acclaimed national artists which include Jack Vettriano and Anthony Gormley....... so I feel quite honoured to be in such good company.
The Auction shall be at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle on 6th October 2011, but there shall be a viewing from 12 noon on Saturday 1st October ..... let me know if you would like an invite for the Auction or alternately contact Lifespan direct. We would love your support.

A few details of the work. "Passionstar" is acrylic on canvas, 67cm x 1.2m long. I shall have a black wood weight at each end and the wallhanging shall hang from cord fitted on to the wood.

"Passionstar" is an ongoing theme which is part of my Autumn collection of "Snowflakes and Stars" ©.... and I shall work on a few more wallhangings, framed watercolours and deep edged small canvasses.... I will also have a few designs for textiles, wallpaper and printed cushions... all to be for sale in the shop.
If you have been following my blog posts over the last year , you will know that Passion flowers are a recurring motif as well as Roses. this time I wanted to incorporate an element of symbolism , decorative elements with a fashion trend for stars..... all part of my never ending sources of inspiration........
I would love some feedback so do not hesitate to post a comment.......

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