Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tulip Jewel trail and Flowerdial

It seems ages since I have posted anything... Ive been busy doing lots of themes... not yet completed but I thought that I would post just of couple of designs I have been working on.

"Tulip Jewel Trail"..... A more contemporary sort of Jacobean...but with a folk/decorative/ethnic combination...... using cerise and metallic gold for textile.

"Flower Dial"...... continuing the theme of Retro... but on a large scale
for wallpaper...... sits well with the Imi collection...


  1. Love these designs Diane. Make sure you copyright them before someone nicks 'em off the web. Someone warned me about that when I started blogging. Have you been on the 'Creative Commons' website. Google it.


  2. Thanks Carol.... Yes I have looked at the Creative commons website. I have done quite a lot of research on Intellectual property.... Its a minefield and what applies in UK does not necessary apply in the rest of the world . Even different parts of USA have different laws. Its a difficult predicament and at first I did wonder whether or not to post any images at all.
    When I worked full time in the Industry a design was usually printed and in the shops before anyone saw it.


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