Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Gift suggestions for the Festive season ww

I am now available to work on a commission basis creating bespoke Art for Interiors to be ready for the festive season.
I can produce framed or Unframed artworks to compliment your individual interior requirements using any colours and size that you may select. My specialisation is all floral and decorative work either contemporary or classical. My starting price is £100.00 and all artwork will be original and exclusive.
Why not call or email me today or 01434 230200.
I would be happy to have a discussion about ideas,colour schemes, and follow this up with a written estimate for the work commissioned. the mediums I use are water based and/or acrylics on paper, board or canvas. framed or unframed and where required ny framing can be of conservation quality. I would require a 20% deposit in order to begin the work and would require full payment before delivery.
For an Idea of my styles have a look at my website or my facebook photos. I look forward to your feedback.... Diane.

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