Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Creation of" Chrysanthemum Rouge" in 10 stages...

I thought I would post my stage by stage creation of my new" Chrysanthemum Rouge" design. It is an ongoing theme in the same way that my Passion flower theme is on going and constantly evolving..... I like to explore all the different avenues and ways of creating an idea....... and the many new ideas which can form from the original.

Stage 1. Inspiration..... In this case the inspiration is from the flower in a stripe format which I had used more traditional colours and a more detailed technique.

Stage 2. Tracing the Main flower shapes. Usually I would sketch an idea on to paper or tracing paper if I was originating straight from scratch...... but in this case I already have my design.... I just want to change it a little.

Stage 3. I would trace on the back of the tracing paper and rub down on to paper using a rubbing down tool. If an idea has to be put into repeat.... then at this stage I would have already measured my paper out and put the design into a repeat size. This measurement depends on the machine which would be printing the design. For this exercise I am just doing what used to be called a "Croqui"......... an Idea, not in repeat.

Stage 4. Mixing the Colours. Colours depend on many things, but usually the trends and market that you are going for and the end product it is intended for have to be a major consideration. I am looking at fairly Trend led Colours for the Mid market with Curtains and Wallpaper in mind, for the UK ...... However, quite often a design can end up being used for so many other different products.

Stage 5. Colours can be stored away and used again for other designs. I may have already found a colour in my box so I do not have to mix it....... an advantage with Gouache which is water based and can be washed up again and again. I mix colours on card with a palette knife and when ready I transfer it on to a clean piece of card and this can be stored later.
Stage 6. Painting the main flat colours in. In this case it is the Pink flower head and the ground colour.

Stage 7. Painting the main leaf colour.

Stage 8.Shadow leaf colour.

Stage 9. Detail on the flower and then the leaf.

Stage 10. Completed artwork...........

Then ongoing designs which were created after............... An idea can be totally exhausted which can then form a collection based on the same colours and general theme.

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